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How To Back Up Your Instagram Photos

How To Back Up Instagram Photos

It is so easy to back up your Instagram photos. And given that your Instagram account could close without warning at any time you might want to get your back up sorted ASAP!

Today I was browsing through my Instagram feed, as you do on a sleepy Monday morning, and stumbled across a few of my friends calling on Instagram to reinstate the feed of a rather popular Instgrammer (now here). It appears that her account was suddenly deleted without any apparent reason and absolutely no warning.

Can you imagine how devastating that is?

Like many others you may use Instagram to record the moments in your life, family, friends, outings and special memories. This particular Instagrammer has lost all of those photos of her family, something very precious to her.

We’re not sure yet what the circumstances are around the deletion of this Instagram account, but it has reminded me of just how important it is to back up, especially when using a third-party service like this.

How To Back Up Your Instagram Photos

  1. In the first instance, set up your Instagram preferences to save original photograph. (This allows any photo taken within the app to save it to your photo folder on your phone)
    Save Original Photos
  2. Secondly, make regular back ups of all photos from your device to your computer and/or hard drive.
  3. Finally, and my favourite, set up an IFTTT recipe to automatically save a copy of every Instagram photo you take to either your Flickr, Dropbox or GoogleDrive account. (There are numerous recipes you can use to back up your Instagram account check them out here).

IFTTT Recipe: Upload new Instagram photos to Flickr connects instagram to flickr

Just a few simple steps to back up your instagram photos will save you plenty of time and potential heartache in future.

Do you already back up your instagram photos?

What tools or processes do you use?


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2 Responses

  1. Leah

    Oh, thanks for this! Would have never thought about it. I’m still not getting in the swing of instagram but plan on it, so this will come in handy!

  2. Maz Hawes

    I was horrified to hear of this and other accounts being deleted! It was be devastating to me, I confess. I found a great service called instaport, which allowed me to quickly and easily download my whole account to a hard drive. I can breathe again!


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