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Blogger Interviews: Hayley Carr, London Beauty Queen

Hayley LBQName: Hayley Carr

Location: London/Buckinghamshire

Blog: London Beauty Queen (

When did you start blogging? April 2010

What inspired you to start blogging?

I’d been working in the cosmetics industry for many years and decided to take a step away and do something else. I moved to work in art and design, but quickly realised I missed the world of beauty. I’d been introduced to blogs in my previous role and arrogantly thought I could have a go and probably do a better job! I was bored one day and started LBQ… The rest is history.

Do you have any other ‘day jobs’?

I had a day job up until last year, working within marketing and social media. I juggled a full time job and the blog for about three years before even thinking about taking it full time; it taught me a lot about time management and efficiency! It also taught me to work hard and that if you genuinely love something it’s worth it all.

What are your blogging must-have tools? 

I’ve turned into a complete Apple whore – I have a Macbook Air, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. These three gadgets keep me in the loop all the time, wherever I am, and allow me to blog all the time. I also have a Nikon DLSR camera with a cool light gadget that attaches to the lens – it’s helped me massively improve the quality of my photos.

What is your favourite place to blog from? 

I moved last summer to a flat with a second bedroom that I turned into an office. I previously blogged from the sofa, but as soon as I went full time I realised that wasn’t a good thing to be doing! I have a completely seperate room with a desk and surrounded by beauty samples; it means I can shut the door at the end of the working day and not associate relaxing spaces with work.

Tell us about your favourite experience through blogging? 

I’ve been able to do so many amazing things, from judging at the British Hairdressing Awards to travelling to places like Gleneagles in Scotland for a three day spa experience. I’ve met amazing people and been able to have a real impact on the industry through talking at events, being part of co-creation sessions and helping big brands with research.

What inspires you? 

Everything! Life in general, but mainly everything I experience along the way.

What is your biggest challenge as a blogger? 

Juggling everything and not working 24/7 – as a self employed person that’s always liked to burn the candle at both ends, it’s hard for me to stop at 6pm or not work at the weekend. There’s always something to do, another post to write or emails to respond to.

Share three of your favourite bloggers with us.

I love so many blogs it’s hard to list just three. There aren’t any that I read religiously, but I do spend a lot of time reading articles from different people on lots of topics – Twitter is great at helping me discover new talent.

What are your future plans in the blogosphere? 

I’ve just signed on with an agent and have lots of exciting things in the pipeline, so 2014 is definitely going to be my year. Watch this space.

London Beauty Queen Blog

Thanks for chatting to us today Hayley!

You can find Hayley on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


This is part of the Blogger Interviews series, more to come soon!


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