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Blogger Interviews: Hayley Constantine, Bonjour Blogger

Hayley ConstantineName: Hayley Constantine

Location: Bristol

Blog: Bonjour Blogger ( and my personal site is Ceriselle (

When did you start blogging? Back in 2001!

What inspired you to start blogging?

Back then, I was on a Buffy message board that was closing down, so most of us got Livejournals so we could still talk to each other. At the same time, I was hanging out with some geeks who had their own websites, so I also had a more public site with my own domain (which was a much bigger deal back then…how strange!)

Do you have any other ‘day jobs’?

I work full time in accounts for a property management company – basically, I pay other peoples bills.

What are your blogging must-have tools?

My iPad, and my Moleskine diary/notebook. Technology is awesome, but you can’t beat scribbling down ideas and draft blog posts in a notebook sometimes

What is your favourite place to blog from?

I love our #blogclub ( events, because being around other people does inspire me with new blog post ideas.

Tell us about your favourite experience through blogging?

The Aussie Angel events back in 2010 were amazing events – we would be taken to places I would never go and there was no expectation to post about them (as there might be now) – they were just awesome events that you couldn’t help but want to write about!

What inspires you?

Bloggers! Whether it’s from random questions on Twitter, the hashtag chats, or even just reading blog posts and seeing something that makes me think of a new post – the community just keeps inspiring me

What is your biggest challenge as a blogger?

Time. Working full time as well as other personal commitments means that I struggle sometimes to fit it all in.

Share three of your favourite bloggers with us.

That’s probably the most difficult question ever!

What are your future plans in the blogosphere?

I’d love to hold more events to get bloggers together – it’s my favourite thing to do!

Bonjour Blogger


Thanks for chatting to us today Hayley!

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