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Blogger Interviews: Rosie Slosek, One Man Band Accounting

Rosie Slosek One Man Band AccountingName: Rosie Slosek

Location: London

Blog: One Man Band Accounting (

When did you start blogging? 2012

What inspired you to start blogging?

It’s the introvert’s Speaker’s Corner.

Do you have any other ‘day jobs’?

Blogging is part of my ‘day job’

What are your blogging must-have tools?

Paper, pen, coffee shop, WordPress, Instagram, Buffer and IFTTT.

What is your favourite place to blog from?

I write everything from a coffee shop and my WordPress VA does the rest before my final edit and publish.

Rosie Slosek Workspace

Tell us about your favourite experience through blogging?

When someone contacts me to say one of my blog posts has inspired them to make a big change in their life.

What inspires you?

Being in my favourite wood, birdsong, a new cake recipe.

What is your biggest challenge as a blogger?

Cutting down the time from draft to publish.

Share three of your favourite bloggers with us.

Emma Cossey, Wellness Mama, Poires au Chocolat.

What are your future plans in the blogosphere?

Sticking to one idea at a time before I go onto the next one!

Thanks for chatting to us today Rosie!

You can find Rosie on TwitterFacebook and Linkedin.


This is part of the Blogger Interviews series, more to come soon!


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