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The Great Blognix Bake-Off

Blognix-Bake-OffBlognix would not be Blognix without cake. And in the spirit of community we are all pitching in to bring lots of delicious baked goods to the conference. That’s right, we have our very own Great Blognix Bake-Off. Hoorah!

So dig out your rolling pins, wrestle with that bag of flour and turn up that oven … we are ready to get baking.

Of course, no Bake-Off is complete without a grand prize… and boy-oh-boy do we have a FANTASTIC prize lined up for the Bake-Off entrants.

Introducing the gorgeous Tala home-baking range

Tala Blognix Bake Off Prize

Tala was founded in 1899 by Mr Taylor and Mr Law. They used the first two letters of their surnames to create the brand name Tala. Since then Tala has become known as Masters of Baking and Icing.

We pride ourselves on continuing to manufacture products in England. A priority of Tala is to produce quality kitchenware which is built to last. Many of our iconic pieces such as the cooks measure and icing syringes come from our factory in Liverpool and are still manufactured using the same methods since the 1920’s, handmade by one of a small team of skilled craftsmen. If you take one of our icing syringes made in the 1920’s, and it will still fit an icing nozzle produced today.

The winner of the Blognix Bake-Off will receive this gorgeous hamper of Tala goodies in the brand new green colourway. Included in this prize, worth £75, is the cookbook stand, toast rack, storage jar, tea caddy, sifter and measuring cup.

How amazing is that?!

Here’s the lowdown on theses gorgeous Tala goodies:

Cook Book Stand

Perfect for heavy cook books or light tablets. This cook book stand is manufactures by Matthew’s skilled team in Oldham, England. The ridged metal is punched, folded and welded by Shaun and Shane, stove enamelled in the original Tala colours, and finally inspected for quality by Terry and Christian.

Toast Rack

This toast rack is manufactures by Matthew’s skilled team in Oldham, England. The ridged metal is punched, folded and welded by Shaun and Shane, stove enameled in the original Tala colours, and finally inspected for quality by Terry and Christian.

Storage Jar (no cut out yet – brand new, out in July)

The Tala lever arm jars are a kitchen storage essential. They come in many sizes to suit all desires and two colourways, blue and green, for different preferences in kitchen colour schemes. The printed jars complement the other Tala lines geometric design and are not only beautiful but functional too. These are produced from thick glass, with a silicone seal ring to ensure the lids are airtight and ideal for keeping food fresh. The stainless steel lever will keep the lid securely locked.

Tea Caddy

Vintage style tea Caddy in traditional tin material. Embossed lid. Size 10.5 x 10.5 x 11cm

Cook’s Dry Measure

The Cook’s dry measure is an invaluable kitchen tool. Simply pour ingredients up to the desired level for speed and accuracy without using weighing scales. Now updated with ingredients Couscous, Bulgar Wheat, Alborio. The measure is calibrated in both metric and imperial, making it easy to follow favourite old cookery books, and recipes passed down from a mother or grandmother. The measure is also calibrated for fluid measurements and can be used to measure liquids for immediate use, but is not watertight. The Cooks measure has been made by hand, in England, in which the production method remains the same since the 1920’s.

Flour Sifter

Trigger action, with stainless steel mesh and plastic caps for the top and bottom. Ideal for sifting flour onto worktops. The Tala Flour Sifter ensures clumpy flour is turned into a light, even consistency.
Press the trigger handle repeatedly and the spokes work against the fine meshed base to agitate and aearate the flour. Many other uses…
• Sifting – The flour sifter is essential for recipes where a lighter, fluffier texture is required, such as cakes and souffles.
• Straining – Use the sifter to segregate fine powder from larger chunks such as vanilla bean parts in a container of vanilla powdered sugar.
• Mixing- The sifter is an effective way to mix dry baking ingredients thoroughly e.g. baking powder/soda, salt or cocoa.
• Distributing – Ensures an even sprinkling of powdered sugar or cocoa on finished baked goods. It is more consistent and leaves the powder drier than sprinkling by hand.

Blognix Bake-Off Details:

  1. To enter the Blognix Bake-Off simply bring along your favourite baked product to the conference. There will be a competition table and labels available when you arrive at registration.
  2. Judging will independent but the judges decision will be final.
  3. The judge will be looking for great flavour, texture and appearance. Originality will also help your score.
  4. The winner will be announced at the end of the our extended lunchbreak and awarded their Tala prize on the day.
  5. Entry is entirely optional.
  6. Blognix takes no responsibility for any adverse effects from eating too many cakes.
  7. Finally, this is for fun. We want to enjoy the cakes! Don’t stress!

So get your pinnies on and we’ll see you at the cake table!

Check out Tala here:

Website // Twitter // Facebook

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