Are you a blogger, vlogger, social media influencer? Are you in a bit of a rut, lacking in inspiration, with no plan for 2017? Are you looking to take your platform on to bigger better things? Are you lost with where to start, who to connect with, how to get from A to B?

You want a detailed strategic plan for your business for the next 12 months. You want a list of exciting new contacts to seek out. You want to iron out those barriers preventing you from growing your business. You want to refresh brand, establish a stronger reputation, become an authority in your niche. You want to pick the brains of your peers, seek their perspective on your business. You want to figure out exactly what your business is.

The exclusive Blognix Mastermind is for you.

For one day a small group of us will be gathered around a large conference table and will we hash out exactly what we need to do for 2017 to make our digital businesses, whatever they might be, strong and sustainable.

We will cover topics such as strategic planning, financial planning, creative brainstorming, brand refreshes, business pitches, business troubleshooting, and more.

You will leave the mastermind feeling empowered and with a notebook full of actionable tasks to grow your business. We are looking for a whooping profitable 2017 and together we can make that happen.

Numbers are limited to ensure the highest quality mastermind possible.


Blognix Mastermind is a business focused all-day workshop with an empasis on strategic planning for the coming 12 months. 

For bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, this intimate event will allow you to work on your digital business with your peers faciliated by Elizabeth Sellers, founder of Blognix.

Participants will be expected to prepare for the mastermind and must be actively involved throughout the day. This is not a lecture style event.

During the day we will cover:

– Strategic critique

– Business troubleshooting

– Business pitches and best practices

– Financial planning

– Creative brainstorming

– Brand refreshes

– Resource building

– Professional networking

– Alternative monetisation techniques

– 12 month strategic planning

Blognix Mastermind is not a beginner’s workshop, participants should have a good working knowledge of digital content production and conducted a business transaction on their website/channel.

(Please note numbers for this event will be strictly limited.)

Lunch will be included.



Your facilitator and trainer:

Elizabeth Sellers is an experienced social media trainer, public speaker, digital marketing specialist, Pinterest UK ambassador and multi-award-winning blogger. She runs her own business providing digital content via her own websites and for third party clients. She is a regular speaker on entrepreneurship and blogging. She works with corporate clients on digital strategy and social media.

Elizabeth specialises in empowerment, strategy and creative thinking. She is keen to help influencers grow their businesses and elevate the blogosphere as a whole.

Past Blognix Attendees Testimonials

  • “I had a really, really great weekend. Every session I attended was incredibly valuable and I loved the people I met. I think the event was incredibly good value for money.”

  • “Had a brilliant time. So inspired. A lovely group of people, really relaxed yet full of energy – positive energy. Thanks again!”

  • “You did an awesome job. It’s always surreal spending time with people who you admire from the blogosphere but I left feeling refreshed, encouraged and enthused. Every single detail was thought of. And the goody bag was amazing! The sponsors and yourselves deserve a big round of applause. I’m definitely hoping that there’ll be a next time because I’ll do everything I can to be there. Big love to you guys and everything that Blognix stands for – you’re making a difference and doing great work x”

  • “Blognix made me feel more passionate and enthusiastic about my blog and also gave me back my confidence.”

  • “For me the experience of listening to and laughing with fellow bloggers was worth the investment. You boosted my confidence, kept me well fed, and sent me off with my head spinning with ideas. I had a great day – thank you.”

  • “Blognix was a real highlight of my blogging career to date. The quality of the event was superb, yet it retained a really inclusive, friendly feel, which I loved. I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen! It has had a definite impact on my blog already. Not only in terms of what I’m writing about, but in how I’m writing it. I’m also seeing evidence in my stats of the impact and my enthusiasm for blogging has gone through the roof! “

Who’s the Blognix Mastermind for?

  • You’re a content creator or digital business owner ready to ‘up your game’ for 2017
  • You have already started your business but have some ‘blocks’ in your way.
  • You need inspiration to pivot or add to your growing digital business
  • You have never looked at your blog from a business perspective
  • You are so busy juggling ALL THE THINGS that you need time and a space to knuckle down and plan your next move.
  • You are looking for accountability to drive your blog, channel and business forward
  • You are ready to develop your content into a viable business
  • You need a kick up the butt to make it all happen

Who’s the Blognix Mastermind not for?

  • If you have never blogged or created content online
  • If you don’t understand basic blogging or social media concepts
  • If you have not completed a business transaction for your business
  • If you require more specialised one-to-one training support

If you are unsure if Blognix Mastermind is for you please pop me an email to check.


About The Author

Elizabeth is the founder and editor of Blognix. She is also a freelance blogger, writer and social media trainer. She teaches workshops on blogging and social media offline and online. In 2015 Elizabeth became a Pinterest UK Ambassador, trained and endorsed to speak on their behalf. Elizabeth likes travelling, indoor picnics and oversized cocktail rings.

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