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Alternative FREE Stock Photo Websites

Alternative Free Stock Photo WebsitesAs the internet has become a haven for visuals blogging sometimes is as much about images as the writing. One of the best ways to add interest to a blog post is to take your own photographs. But what if your photo skills aren’t quite up to scratch? Or maybe your content isn’t quite so easy to photograph in your spare time? Or simply, you’d rather find a suitable image elsewhere. This where you might want to use free stock photos.

Now, we all know you can’t just go right-clicking willy-nilly all over the internet. So how does one find some free decent photographs?

Stock photographs are supplied photos licensed for certain uses. There are various licences available with different stipulations such as attribution, editing and number of uses. Using stock photography is often cheaper than hiring a professional photographer, and in some cases there are free images available to use. The large stock photography agencies include Getty Images, who have recently made some of their images available for free using an embed tool along with attribution. But what if you want something less commercial and bit more original?

Alternative Websites to Find FREE Stock Photos


Death to the Stock Photo

Sign up with your email address and Death to the Stock Photo will send monthly photos to your inbox starting off with an immediate 7 free photos including the one above. They are really high quality, lovely lifestyle photographs.


Little Visuals

The photographers on Little Visuals have waived their copyright. There are some stunning images and you can sign up to their mailing list to have 7 hi-res images zipped to you every week.



Another website featuring free, zero copyright, hi-res images. Unsplash offers 10 new photos every 10 days.

Open Road


Gratisography is from a designer who offers high-res photographs for free. If you enjoy professional, high-class photography you’ll love this site.


New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a tumblr site features vintage photographs for the public archive which are free from copyright. It makes for fascinating viewing if anything else.


Getrefe is a site is filled with free mobile photography. It’s a tumblr site so there can be some scrolling to find a suitable image. But they all link back to the original owner, which is handy. And the photos are hi-res.


The photography by this designer on Superfamous is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0, meaning you can use the photographs as long as you credit the owner. A lot of these photographs are geological or landscapes, providing fascinating textures.


Another designer offering his photographs for free. On Picjumbo there is a great range of lifestyle driven images including landscapes, food, animals, architecture and more. Attribution is not essential but he does appreciate it if you do so.

IM Free

Styled as a curated collection of free resources including photographs, website templates and icons. Attribution is required for the images on IM Free, but there’s a great range available here.

The Pattern Library

The Pattern Library offers a huge range of graphic-led patterns that are free for use. The site features a bunch of different designers who offer up their creations for free. This is a great resource for backgrounds.

Do you use stock photographs? Do you have any favourite resources to add to the list?

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  1. Lexi

    Thanks for this, so useful! I use MorgueFile for pictures sometimes, needs searching but there is a great range of images.

  2. Jacqui Paterson

    Thanks for this fantastic resource Elizabeth – I found you through your friend Emma Ward, and am now following your other channels too. xx


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