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How To Choose WordPress Plugins

Plugins are WordPress features that add extra functionality to your blog or website. They are a fantastic way to add extras to your blog so that you can offer the best reading experience for your audience as well as making your life as a blogger more productive and effective.

WordPress plugins are fantastic. But the problem is, there are LOADS of them out there. So today I want to share with you how to choose WordPress plugins that help you make the most out of your blog.

how to choose wordpress plugins

How To Choose WordPress Plugins

The key question to ask yourself is: ‘what do you want your blog to do exactly?’

This could include mailing list sign-up forms, photo galleries, social sharing icons, social media follow boxes, recipe print-outs, video hosting, editorial calendars, security, tables, etc.

There are loads of plugins and tools that will help improve the functionality of your blog to make it an engaging experience for both you and your reader.

What is a plugin exactly?

It is no secret that I am a big fan of WordPress (the self-hosted option) as it has the great capability of hosting a huge range of different plugins that improve and enhance a website. Whatever you need there is probably a WordPress plugin for it.

It is essentially a package of code that you add to the Dashboard of WordPress to add extra features to the website.

Some of my favourite plugins include:

BruteProtect – adds extra security to my blogs

WPSuperCache – helps page load speed

UltimateComingSoon – for adding a coming soon page when you do design edits

Akismet – reduces spam

Revive Old Post – for tweeting posts from your archive

Ultimate TinyMCE – adds extra formatting options to your editing pages

WordPress Editorial Calendar – adds a visual calendar to drag and drop posts

Yoast SEO – awesome plugin to optimise your blog posts for search engines

You can search for suitable plugins on the website. Or check out this Periodic Table of WordPress Plugins for the most popular plugins.

But what if I don’t have WordPress?

There are still plenty of tools available to improve your blog functionality. For instance, if you are using Blogger perhaps look into adding some widgets to your sidebar or footer. You can a Facebook Like or Pinterest Follow widget. Or check out this list for more ideas.

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