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How To Create A Blog Editorial Calendar

How To Create A Blog Editorial Calendar

Organising your content will help with productivity, consistency and inspiration. By creating an editorial calendar your are able to organise all of your planned content, titles, categories and seasonal trends in one document that will aid you with planning your time for the blog.

So using the notes you’ve made from the branding exercise and planning your content start thinking about the best way for you to create an editorial calendar.

To get started try to use the editorial calendar to plan for the next three months. It doesn’t have to be too detailed at first. But just sketch out how you would like the next three months to look on your blog.

There are a number of ways you could create an editorial calendar:

  • Google Calendar, using a specified calendar and colour for content
  • Paper calendar, either a shop-bought one or a printout
  • Spreadsheet, using excel or google docs
  • WordPress plugin
  • Whiteboard/Blackboard

How Do I Create An Editorial Calendar?

I use several methods in the planning stages to help draw up an editorial calendar. I swear by the WordPress plugin – WordPress Editorial Calendar. It has completely changed how I write and draft my posts, I love it!

I also use a basic monthly printout calendar for brainstorming how my content will look for the month.

I then use a spreadsheet on my Google Drive to detail my schedule for the following three months.

You can find an example of an editorial calendar to help you here – an editorial spreadsheet (Excel spreadsheet).

The most important thing to figure out with your editorial calendar is the system that will work best for YOU. Digital or paper? Spreadsheets or calendars? There are loads of recommendations out there. The best start is try it and go from there.

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 How To Create A Blog Editorial Calendar

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