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How To Start a Blog

How to Start A Blog

So you want to start a blog? Awesome! Welcome to a huge community of brilliant folk.

Now, you might be a little at sea if you’re starting out for the first time. There is a wealth of info all over the tinterweb about platforms, schedules, content, SEO, social, etc etc etc … but how do you choose where to start?

Here is our quick 5 minute start-up guide to starting a blog.

How to start a blog:

1. Choose a platform

A blogging platform is where you will be writing and publishing your blog. There are several options – free and paid for.

If you’re unsure whether blogging will be for you, you might want to start with a free option. The top free platforms are Blogger, and Tumblr.

The pro’s of the free platforms is: obviously cost (everyone loves a freebie), but also they’re are quick and easy to set-up and you can be blogging in five minutes!

The downside is that your blog is essentially ‘owned’ by the platform which is a bit unnerving when you put so much work into your blog.

Paid-for self hosted platform of choice – (N.B. different to – has loads of functionality and possibilities using plugins and themes to get what you need from a blog.

At Blognix we recommend going self-hosted as soon as possible.

Other paid-for platforms include Squarespace which has some beautiful themes and layouts but doesn’t have as much functionality as WordPress.

Check out Alternative Blogging Platforms for more ideas.

2. Write About and Contact pages

Possibly the two most important pages on your blog, you need to offer your readers a chance to find out who you are and what your blog is about plus how they contact you if they need to. So make sure you have created great about and contact pages.

Learn how to write an awesome about page here.

3. Link up to Social Media

“If you build it, they will come” will not cut it here. If you want people to find your blog you need to create channels to lead them in the right direction.

Social media is an excellent way to let potential readers know when you have new content on your blog.

There are plenty of options to choose from but the best bet is to start off with Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (particularly key if you have an image-led blog).

4. Write your content

Just start blogging already, yeah!

I know so many people who put off starting a blog because they feel they’re not ready, or they don’t have enough posts in the bag.

But the best way to start a blog is to just do it. Most of us learn as we go, so just start posting and work it out as you go.

5. Connect with the blogging community

If you want people to read your blog you need to get ‘out there’ and connect with the blogging community. They’re a supportive bunch. So find blogs that are in your niche, start commenting on their posts, connect with them on Twitter and share your blog posts where appropriate.

In just five steps you can get your blog started today.

Of course, there are plenty of extras to add to you blogging to-do list. But don’t delay getting started. Blognix will be around to help!

About The Author

Elizabeth is the founder and editor of Blognix. She is also a freelance blogger, writer and social media trainer. She teaches workshops on blogging and social media offline and online. In 2015 Elizabeth became a Pinterest UK Ambassador, trained and endorsed to speak on their behalf. Elizabeth likes travelling, indoor picnics and oversized cocktail rings.

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