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How to Optimise Your Social Media Scheduling

How to Optimise Your Social Media

Ah, social media. For most of us it’s the major driver of traffic to our blogs. We’re all aware that sharing our posts and interacting with others is a great way of increasing our audience, but have you stopped to think about the times that you are active on social media? If you aren’t sharing at the right times, then it can be like the digital equivalent of shouting into a black hole. Fortunately scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Sproutsocial mean that we can now time our posts to perfection to ensure the best audience. Here’s how to optimise your social media scheduling, dependent on platform…


People tend to be most active on Facebook around weekday lunchtimes and early afternoon – posts that are shared at this time tend to get the most likes and comments, and more importantly the most click throughs on links!


All the stats say that twitter is most active around lunch time, but I’ve also had success with the pre-work tweeters (between 7 and 9am) who are looking for distractions on their commute!


Unlike most of the other platforms, Pinterest sees a lot of action at evenings and the weekend, so if you fancy a lazy Saturday morning pinning, the chances are that others will too! As for the the evening pinning crowd, they can be surprisingly active surprisingly late – I know I can’t be the only one who checks the mobile app for more pretties from bed!


Maybe it’s because there are so many freelancers and digital types using this platform, but the best time to post seems to be during working hours, in the morning.

So there you go, how to optimise your social media scheduling! Give it a try, and do let us know how you get on. Here’s to better social media engagement!



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