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Scarlett of Soho: Photobooth

Scarlett of Soho Awesome Glasses

We have the great pleasure of announcing that the photobooth at Blognix 2014 will be brought to you by the new kids on the block of the optical world – Scarlett of Soho!

Throughout the day at Blognix 2014 you will have the chance to get silly and have fun in the photobooth with Scarlett of Soho. We all want to capture the spirit of Blognix so bring your best smiles and strike a pose!

Scarlett of Soho Glasses for AllScarlett of Soho Womens GlassesScarlett of Soho Glasses

Scarlett of Soho, the new British online eyewear startup, offers an alternative for consumers used to paying hundreds of pounds for designer prescription eyewear and sunglasses on the high street.

The online-only retailer differentiates itself from incumbent eyewear brands by providing stylish, quality optic frames and sunglasses for both men and women starting from £97, inclusive of hi-index prescription lenses for opticals and polarized lenses for sunglasses, without the traditional retail markups.

The brand pays homage to 18th century British eyewear innovator Edward Scarlett, a Royal Optician who revolutionised eyewear culture in his time. At his Soho store (on Dean Street) he popularised the usage of temples on frames for ease of wear and comfort, creating functional, fashionable eyewear.

Inspired by his legacy, Scarlett of Soho represents timelessly classic yet modern eyewear, crafted with the finer details in mind.

Its debut collection features 32 unique models from a baseline of 9 fundamental designs inspired by generations of makers and crafters.

Each hand-finished Italian acetate frame undergoes a 16-stage production process. The brand also offers a unique complimentary Home Try-On service, allowing customers to easily pick four frames to try over five days, with free shipping both ways.

YC Ng, founder and CEO of Scarlett of Soho says,

“We think it’s time for an eyewear revolution – consumers don’t realize how many middle men are actually benefiting from the high prices associated with traditional designer prescription eyewear. Scarlett of Soho cuts them all out to provide fashion- conscious individuals with a real alternative; from our easy-to-order Home Try- On kits that allow them to find the perfect frame, right down to our Italian acetate frames designed in-house.”

Having just been through the process of getting my first pair of glasses myself and I can say I am very excited to see there’s an affordable way to get super-chic glasses.

As well as the photobooth, Scarlett of Soho will be giving away a few of their awesome glasses on the day. Hoorah! 

We are really excited to meet Scarlett of Soho at Blognix next week! We’ve got our best smiles at the ready.

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  1. Jenny

    Oh how exciting… look forward to it! Hope I win a pair sound amazing and look stunning!!!


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