You need to install Jetpack plugin and enable "Stats".

Setting Up Blog Analytics

One of the first things you need to do as a blogger is install analytics so you can track all the activity of your visitors to the blog.

It can be a bit of a boring topic for some. But for others staring at your daily stats can border on addiction (ahem!). I personally find it fascinating to look at.

As a blogger, one of most important ways you can grow your blog is to regularly track and monitor your traffic.

There you will find out what is and isn’t working in terms of content, titles, social media sharing, commenting and more. It’s a continual process and takes time to work out your own strategy, but at the very least you should get at least one analytics program installed on your blog from the very start.

Personally I use three different programs so that I can check out any anomalies in the stats. I use Google Analytics, GetClicky, and WordPress Jetpack Stats.

Setting up blog analytics

Website Analytics Programs

Google Analytics – can appear a bit ‘busy’ as it’s quite an in-depth tool. But there is a support forum to walk you through. If you use WordPress, download the WordPress SEO plugin and input the code in the settings.

GetClicky – this is my personal favourite and I run 6 websites using GetClicky as my main daily traffic tracker. The interface is easier to use than GA and I find the stats more reliable. I’ve put together a short how-to guide here for WordPress users.

WordPress Jetpack – this is a great tool for WordPress sites. It’s the simplest of the three and useful for tracking search terms used to find your blog.

I recommend at least installing Google Analytics and GetClicky to keep an eye on your traffic, where it’s coming from, which pages are performing well and how users behave on your blog.

To keep track of all your stats use a simple spreadsheet and add monthly updates. I shared the template I use on this Blogging Stats post.

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Elizabeth is the founder and editor of Blognix. She is also a freelance blogger, writer and social media trainer. She teaches workshops on blogging and social media offline and online. In 2015 Elizabeth became a Pinterest UK Ambassador, trained and endorsed to speak on their behalf. Elizabeth likes travelling, indoor picnics and oversized cocktail rings.

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