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Why You Should Say No to Blog Opportunities, Sometimes

why you should say no to blog opportunities sometimes

When I started blogging 6 years ago, it wasn’t the global phenomenon it is now, there were no conversations about SEO, back links, no-follow links, press events or freebies. Now my days are scattered with emails from PR’s, SEO firms and brands, offering me blog opportunities, invites and products, don’t get me wrong I have worked very hard to get my blog to a point where I am approached rather than the approacher, however it can be somewhat of a battlefield when it comes to deciding what to take on and what to simply say no to. I know it can seem like the best way to get more opportunities it to say yes to everyone that comes your way, keeping the PR/SEO company happy and therefore keep you on the ‘good’ list. However, having worked on both sides of the relationship, as a blogger outreach manager and blogger, I know the impact that simply going through life saying yes to everything can have not only on your blog, but your ongoing relationships and also your personal feelings towards your blog.

Before you accept an opportunity, take a step back and ask yourself the following questions:

Saying no to blog opportunities

If the opportunity isn’t something you would usually cover, that doesn’t have to be a red light, you do however need to take a moment to investigate whether or not the post would work for your blog. Think about your current audience, if they love your beauty posts then would they be interested in a pop-up burger joint opening in your city?

If you have a wider niche, lifestyle for example then there is nothing to stop you having a varied focus for posts. If I could give you a little advice when it comes to this however, remember the age old saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. Learning to become a master of a niche, will in fact open more opportunity doors for you, as you will be seen by PR’s etc as an expert and your audience will be engaged.

Saying no to blog opportunities

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are well aware of the current “sponsored post” conversations that are permanently chattering online, if you are unsure of the rules and regulations I suggest you take a little time to read this great post from Problogger which details the ins & outs, and pros & cons of sponsored posts. Simply put however, sponsored posts if not correctly identified readers can be left feeling a little misled.

If you wish to accept payment for posts, reviews or anything else that appears on your blog then I suggest you put together a Media Pack, which can easily be sent to companies and PR’s. Within the pack I suggest you include an up to date breakdown of your reach, including social following and google analytics if you use them.

Saying no to blog opportunitiesSaying no to blog opportunities

This is a tough one, but the most important in my eyes. Whether your blog is a hobby or your primary source of income, I can guarantee that you spend hours working on your posts, writing, editing, photography, social sharing. As such, I implore you to take a moment to think about the opportunity you are presented with, how much time will it take you? Do you have that time currently? If the answer to the latter question is no, then you are doing yourself and the PR a favour by simply saying no, explain the situation, they will respect you for it, I can guarantee. Not only that but it means that the opportunities and posts that you are taking on will get the best of you, therefore your readers will get the best of you, and therefore continue visiting your site week after week, month after month.

So there you have it, a little advice from a veteran blogger and full time Blogger Outreach Manager, learning to say no is not only good for your sanity, but for your blog and readers too!


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  1. Elizabeth Sellers

    I totally agree. At first it’s really excited when you get invited to take part in brand collaborations, whether its event invites, product reviews or sponsored posts. And it’s tempting to say yes to everything!

    But after a while you realise that actually you need to keep your blog relevant and consider what will be beneficial to you and your readers.

    I see so many beauty or fashion bloggers writing sponsored posts about bingo sites and it’s so jarring compared to the rest of the content. I’m all for monetising your blog, but I think there’s huge benefits in the long run to being bit picky.


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