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How to Write An Awesome About Page

How to write an about pageSo you’re visiting a blog for the first time. You’ve enjoyed the blog post you stumbled across. What do you do next? You might click around for the next post, or you might check out the other categories they write about, you might even hit the subscribe button straightaway. Whatever is next, it is highly likely that on your first visit to a blog you will check out the About page.

An about page is one of the most important pages on your blog. It’s the place that almost every visitor will read at some point. And it’s your opportunity to tell your readers exactly what you want them to know about you and your blog.

But it’s not that easy!

So many of us find the About page one of the hardest bits to write.

It’s hard to write about oneself. We can’t always think about ourselves that objectively. And how can we possibly sum ourselves up in just a few lines?

Well, it’s time to sharpen our pencils, grab our notebooks and start brainstorming how to write an about page that truly shows off what a brilliant blogger we really are.

How to Write an About Page

1. Make it personal

The internet is all about sharing and your readers want to connect with you. Be sure to pop in your name and a lovely picture of yourself.

2. Show us your personality

Be funny, witty, quirky, cute or interesting. Write in a tone that suits your personality, but keep it light. Often we find we suddenly adopt a corporate voice when writing out about page and they sound oddly formal against the rest of the blog. Share what makes you unique and special so that your personality shines off the screen.

3. Share likes and dislikes

Not only does this provide an easy way in to your personality, but it’s helpful if you want to work with brands and PRs they can instantly find out what your preferences are.

4. Include a professional bio

It’s great to begin your blog with a welcome and a description about yourself and the blog. Also include a professional bio that potential collaborators, press and PR’s can use if necessary. This saves great time in the future when you’re asked to provide a bio.

5. Tell the reader why they should read your blog

A potential subscriber will often decide from your about page whether this is the type of blog for them. So detail exactly what you write about and what a reader can expect from your blog.

6. Link to popular or useful content

Point your readers in the direction of posts or categories that have either been popular or give some insight into you as a blogger.

7. Link to contact page

Make it easy for readers to make a natural next step to contacting you by directing them to your contact page.

8. Don’t be afraid to tell us why you’re rad

The about page is the perfect place to let the reader know exactly what makes you rad. Share your personal and professional achievements. You can really show off in your about page. But do so in a way that is informative, and possibly entertaining, for your reader.

9. Finally, get creative!

A great way to make your blog stand out, and convert new visitors into loyal readers, is to get creative with your about page. Think about photographs, graphics, infographics, videos … you could even write a poem you should feel that way inclined!


When all is said and done, writing an awesome about page is all about being yourself. Know your style, know your voice and enjoy sharing that with your readers. They will thank you for it.

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Happy blogging! 

About The Author

Elizabeth is the founder and editor of Blognix. She is also a freelance blogger, writer and social media trainer. She teaches workshops on blogging and social media offline and online. In 2015 Elizabeth became a Pinterest UK Ambassador, trained and endorsed to speak on their behalf. Elizabeth likes travelling, indoor picnics and oversized cocktail rings.

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